Riverfront Park

Shady Oaks


Plan your special day event or stroll at one of our parks in a secluded section of the majestic Nueces Canyon. Whether to reconnect, or experience a Texas Hill Country adventure, Campo Rio will not disappoint with its panoramic Texan hillside.

Enjoy one of two parks we have to offer for open-air events. Our riverfront park lies not too far from our Riverfront Pavilion, and you can view the Nueces River. Shady Oaks offers a larger space for hosts festivals and other recreational events. Both are a distance away from the in-town cabins and motels. Click on park images for more details. To find out more, please contact us.

In addition to our parks, Campo Rio offers a variety of remote, cozy cabins, as well as catch and release, fly fishing events, from time-to-time. If you would like more details, please visit our Ranch Retreat page or call us for available dates. 

General Information & Guidelines

There is cell phone service via “WiFi Calling”, so make sure you have that option available on your cell phone if you wish to make calls.  Keeping our visitors safe is paramount, there are cameras at the entrance and other open areas for additional guest security.  Pets are allowed at an additional charge.

Our primary rule is that we ask that our guess be respectful and considerate of others, wildlife, vegetation and the environment while on the property. To see more details about our rules, visit our Property Rules & Regulations page.