Property Rules & Regulations

Campo Rio, Fidelity Partners’ Nueces River Retreat, and Mission Transition Foundation have adopted the rules and regulations below to protect the land for future generations as well as for the safety and convenience of current guest(s). We ask that you leave no trace of your visit to ensure the land remains beautiful and to reduce the possibility of injury or ecological disruption to wildlife habitats. Must comply with terms of use/visitor registration. 

Motorized Vehicle Rules

  • Driver must have proof of valid auto insurance in vehicle
  • Only street legal vehicles are permitted 
  • Vehicles must have a valid state registration sticker attached
  • Only two vehicles per cabin
  • Maximum Speed Limit of 5 MPH
  •  Vehicles must stay on existing designated roads 
  • Vehicles must park only in designated areas
  • Vehicles with oil or other fluid leaks are not permitted

Prohibited Items And Activities

  • Harm or infringe on other guests’ rights and enjoyment.
  • Glass containers including beer or wine bottles (permitted in cabins only)
  • Portable gas, fuels or other flammable materials
  • Vehicle repair, maintenance, or abandonment
  • Dumping trash or debris (except in designated area)
  • Feeding or harassing animals
  • Cutting, damaging or removal of trees or other vegetation
  • Digging collecting or removal of fossils, arrowheads or other artifacts
  • Carrying weapons of any sort, including guns, bows, crossbows, etc.
  • Excessive loud noise and/or music
  • Driving any motor vehicles off designated roads or areas 
  • Use of ATVs, UTVs, or Dirt Bike (must remain on trailer)
  • Without landowner prior written authorization: hunting, swimming, fishing, and fires  (if authorized, only in designated areas)


Cell phone service is not available on site. WIFI (WIFI calling) service is limited to certain areas.

Because we are located in a remote area of the hill country, medical and emergency services are very limited. It may take several hours to receive needed emergency or other medical assistance. It is important that each visitor discuss emergency services options with their support group or organization’s leaders before making the decision to coming to Mission Transition’s facilities or event. Mission Transition nor the landowner have medical or emergency facilities on site, nor offers medical or clinical personnel, assistance or capabilities.

Mission Transition is located on a remote, private hill country ranch of one of its sponsors, where there are no paved roads or walkways. The property’s terrain, trails and roads consist of grass, dirt and rock surfaces. None of the facilities, surrounding areas, walkways, trails, river banks, roads or any other part of the property are ADA compliant and in some cases may be dangerous or life-threatening. Therefore, The property owner requires that all visitors sign an acknowledgment of hazardous conditions and waiver of liability prior to arriving at Mission Transition.