Local Attractions

Take the day and explore the amazing views while driving though the hills and quaint towns along the Three Sisters (“Twisted Sisters” – RR 335, RR 336 and RR 337). Stop by some of the local shops and natural areas along the way. We have several travel destinations nearby including Camp Wood, Leakey, Lost Maples, Rio Frio, Rocksprings, and Vanderpool. This list provides some of the must see things for our visitors.

Canyon Charm

Located in Leakey, Texas, catch a bouquet and antiques at this antique and flower shop. Through the garden of the past, you’ll be able to find locally-made candles and historical clothing, furniture, and novelties. The people are always ready to share a smile. Take a piece of Texan history with you!


Turquoise Antler General Store

Located in Leakey, Texas, this antique shop provides a taste for the pleasant livings of Old Texas in a white and turquoise building. Rustic to the core, there are textile equipment and branding and porcelain kitchen ware about the place. Don’t forget to take a moment to witness their painters’ gallery on one of the walls. 

Gleannloch Farms Arabian Horse Stud

Originally located in Spring, Texas and later moved to Las Palmas on the Nueces River near Barksdale, Texas, the Gleannloch Farms is one of the most influential ranches of the 20th Century. It has its humble American beginning with a B-26 pilot, Douglas B. Marshall, and his wife, Margaret C. Marshall, found their original ranch back in the late-1940’s. Famous for their Egyptian Arabian horses, you may know of their prized stallion, *Morafic, among other horses that starred in various Western films. Don’t miss their vast trophy room when you visit!


Old Edwards County Jail

Located in Rocksprings, Texas across the street from Rocksprings City Hall, this historic, retired jail was built in 1891 to house those wrongdoers by the local sheriff. Tour it when you can and watch out for the hanging room upstairs. Once done, make the great escape to the Jailhouse Bar & Grill within view on the other side of the street.



Quince Swimming Hole  —  “The Quince”

Located in Camp Wood, Texas off of River Road by Texas Highway 55, this 15-foot-deep hole holds glistening, cold water perfect to cool off from being in warm Texan weather. You can easily swim from side-to-side of the Nueces River. It is not quite as crowded as other swimming holes, and there’s no entrance fee! Ask the other locals about it if you ever get lost.



Rio Frio Escarpment Live Oak Tree

This is the third largest Texas Live Oak Tree located next to the 1870’s retired schoolhouse in Rio Frio, Texas in Real County. Its branches quickly crown the surrounding area in a blissful and otherworldly shade from its massive, modest trunk. Make sure to bring a camera to capture a moment with the “Big Tree!”

Briscoe-Garner Museum

This musuem details the extensive history of Texas Governor Dolph Briscoe Jr. (in office for 1973-1979) and Vice President John Nance Garner (in office for 1933-1941). Own by the City of Ulvade, visit their website for more details on this piece of American history.


Lone Star Motorcycle Museum  —  “Wonderful Machines from the Past”

This museum is the perfect stroll through motorcycle history with over 60 motorcycles on display ranging from 1910 to today, including a 1920 Douglas and 1928 Norton CS1! A great pit stop in Vanderpool after travelling the Twisted Sisters. Visit their website for more details.


Real County Historical Museum

Appearing as an old-fashion log-cabin parlor, this museum serves to display a collection of local history. It is furnished with pieces from as far back as the 1880’s with the centerpiece being the ornate horse-drawn hearse! Most of these pieces are donated by the locals. Visit their website for more details.

Devil’s Sinkhole State Natural Area

Located East of Rocksprings, Texas in Edwards County, this natural area serve for an interesting trail area. The sinkhole is an immense 46 feet (30 meters) diameter entrance shaft and 138 feet (42 meters) deep before reaching the cave floor. With reservations made a the Rocksprings Visitor Center, you can see the Brazilian free-tailed bats that call it home!

Garner State Park

Located in Concan, Texas, you can experience the various campgrounds, scenic hiking trails, kayaking, and swim in the tree-lined Frio River. There is also a swell putt-putt golf course played by plenty of people over weekends! Each year, they host Summer dances gathered around their jukebox. Find out more at the Texas Parks & Wildlife official park website.

Lost Maples State Park

Located in Vanderpool, Texas, you can venture through the vibrant nature trails, fishing, and stargaze. For those interested in birdwatching, this park is home to the endangered Golden-Cheeked Warbler. You may even catch some children taking part in their Ranger programs. Find out more at the Texas Parks & Wildlife official park website.

Wes Cooksey Park

Trailing along the Nueces River in Camp Wood, Texas, this park provides a more accessible natural area whenever the other parks are abundant with visitors. You can bring your pets and find rustic relaxation with throwing horseshoes and picnics. You may see other visitors taking to its campgrounds, kayaking, or swimming in the nearby Quince Swimming Hole or the river.

Frio River  — One of Texas’ Most Popular Rivers

Head a little Southeast towards Concan, Texas in Uvalde County to see this river with its shallow and shimmering spring-fed waters and the various cypress trees lining it. You can find a swimming area in the river at Garner State Park and see the Frio Bat Cave just South of the park.



Nueces River  —  “Nuts River”

Located nearby Campo Rio, this river runs alongside one of the paths of the Three Sisters all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Its namesake refers to the numerous Pecan trees that often line it. We offer a private area for fly fishing, and there is a public swimming hole in Wes Cooksey Park.



Sabinal River   —  “Stream of Solitude”

Located at the mouth of the Lost Maples Natural Area in Bandera County, this river is one of the most serene throughout the year. For the The river flows into the Frio River, and it isn’t too far from Garner State Park with the path it takes.

Drive The Three Sisters  —  “Twisted Sisters” (TX 335 / TX 336 / TX 337)

When you come to Campo Rio, you’ll travel the sisters. These famous roads are commonly driven on by visitors and locals as they offer a 100-mile loop challenge for motorcyclists. There is approximately 65 curves per 15 – mile section. You will often see various driving events all throughout this area.



With the various rivers throughout Texas Hill Country, kayaking has become a staple sport in this area. Both Garner State Park with the Frio river and Wes Cooksey Park with the Nueces river are great areas to go kayaking. Race with friends and locals or go fishing while on one of the rivers.


Being located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Campo Rio offers one of the best opportunities for stargazing. Surrounded by mountains that are part of the Edwards plateau, it is like an looking up in an observatory each night on the ranch. No need to make camp with our cabins providing shelter, and be sure to bring around a telescope.