Local Attractions

Take the day and explore the amazing views while driving though the hills and quaint towns along the Three Sisters (“Twisted Sisters” – RR 335, RR 336, and RR 337). Stop by some of the local shops and natural areas along the way. We have several travel destinations nearby including Camp Wood, Leakey, Lost Maples, Rio Frio, Rocksprings, and Vanderpool. This list provides some of the must see things for our visitors.



With the various rivers throughout Texas Hill Country, kayaking has become a staple sport in this area. Both Garner State Park with the Frio river and Wes Cooksey Park with the Nueces river are great areas to go kayaking. Race with friends and locals or go fishing while on one of the rivers.

Note: Campo Rio does not offer kayaking in the Nueces River.



Being located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Campo Rio offers one of the best opportunities for stargazing. Surrounded by mountains that are part of the Edwards plateau, it is like an looking up in an observatory each night on the ranch. No need to make camp with our cabins providing shelter, and be sure to bring around a telescope.